FAQ/After updating from 6.x to 7.x I need to turn on my volume, did something went wrong during the update

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Firmware release 7.x uses new DSP parameters and therefore our phones need new audio settings in the Phone/Web User interface:

Casing Mic Volume (1 - 8): 8
Handset Mic Volume (1 - 8):: 5
Headset Mic Volume (1 - 8):: 5  (5 - 7) depends on the headset, not fixed like values above

Settings on the phone:

Casing Speaker (Handsfree speaker device) : Default (normal) is 8 bars
Handset Speaker volume: Default (normal) is 13 bars 

Please do not forget that the casing speaker has two audio devices: Handsfree speaker device and Ringer speaker device. Both devices have volume settings split:

Casing Speaker Volume
Ringer Volume

All new phones that come from the production with software version 7.x will have correct audio values.]

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