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  • PBX has to have the ability to record calls
  • The PBX has to support INFO-Requests and has to understand the Record:-Header
  • or the PBX provides a SIP-URI (number or name) which could be called and which will record all media sent to it.

Since 8.7.2 please use the recording-mechanism setting to controll how you record calls. Below you will find the obsolete way of controlling it via changing the record hard-key.

Depending on the supported way you have to choose the way this function is configured on the Record-button or any function-key you choose.

For the INFO-method its F_Record-Setting and for the way via calling a URI its recorder-Setting.


Depending on what way or recording your pbx support you have to choose the configuration (see requirements). For the INFO-method you have to select 'Key Type "Key Event" and number F_RECORD'-section and for the method with a voice-recording account (3way-conference-method), you have to read 'Key Type "Voice+Recorder"/Key Type "Recorder"'.

Key Type "Voice+Recorder"/Key Type "Recorder"

How to use

While call is established:

  • Press Record-key (hardware on 3xx-series, touch-button on 870 and context-sensitive key below the display on 820 or the function-key to which you assigned the functionality).
3xx-series: Hardware Key
821:Kontext-Senstive Record-Key
870:Kontext-Senstive Record-Key

  • Recording starts
    • On display recording is signaled

  • By pressing record-key again, recording stops
    • Record-signaling vanish/turns from red to grey again
  • The recorded call could be retrieved from the PBX - the way how this could be done depends on the PBX

Technical background

There are 2 different ways of configuring call recording and they even work different.
The following explanations assume that the call is established between A and B and start with the pressing of the Record-key.

Key Type "Voice+Recorder"/Key Type "Recorder"

  • Call to the URI given as Number in the configuration of the key (recording-account) is send/established
    • This is a normal INVITE
  • 3-party-conference is established between A, B and the recording-account
  • Whole media between A and B is streamed to the recording-account also

If recording is ended (pressing once again the recording key):

  • 3-party-conference is ended
  • For call to recording-account BYE is send

Key Type "Key Event" and number F_RECORD

  • INFO with header Record: On is send to Outbound-Proxy/PBX
    • INFO is send as part of the dialog established as the call was established
      • Call-ID and Tags are the same as of the dialog, CSeq is increased serial
  • Phone does not stream media
  • PBX has to associate INFO with the call and start recording
    • its required that the PBX has access to the RTP of the audio-stream

If recording is ended (pressing once again the recording key):

  • INFO with Record: Off is send
    • INFO is send as part of the call-dialog
  • PBX has to associate the INFO with the dialog and stop recording

Example for such a INFO:

INFO sip:201@;user=phone;transport=udp SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-vvl5yi9din2e;rport
From: "203" <>;tag=maucp6e5al
To: <;user=phone>;tag=410604c3-13da-4e4d147e-77857ce4-24cd5625
Call-ID: 3c27e4f964fc-rfpqj02z0pjk
CSeq: 2 INFO
Max-Forwards: 70
Contact: <sip:203@;line=aho1nwcf>;reg-id=1
User-Agent: snom320/8.4.31
Record: on
Content-Length: 0

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