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  • PBX has to have the ability to record calls
  • The PBX has to support INFO-Requests and has to understand the Record:-Header
  • or the PBX provides a SIP-URI (number or name) which could be called and which will record all media sent to it.

Depending on the supported way you have to choose the way this function is configured on the Record-button or any function-key you choose.

For the INFO-method its F_Record-Setting and for the way via calling a URI its recorder-Setting.


Depending on what way or recording your pbx support you have to choose the configuration (see requirements). For the INFO-method you have to select 'Key Type "Key Event" and number F_RECORD'-section and for the method with a voice-recording account (3way-conference-method), you have to read 'Key Type "Voice+Recorder"/Key Type "Recorder"'.

Key Type "Voice+Recorder"/Key Type "Recorder"

How to use

While call is established:

  • Press Record-key (hardware on 3xx-series, touch-button on 870 and context-sensitive key below the display on 820 or the function-key to which you assigned the functionality).
3xx-series: Hardware Key
821:Kontext-Senstive Record-Key
870:Kontext-Senstive Record-Key

  • Recording starts
    • On display recording is signaled

  • By pressing record-key again, recording stops
    • Record-signaling vanish/turns from red to grey again
  • The recorded call could be retrieved from the PBX - the way how this could be done depends on the PBX

Technical background

There are 2 different ways of configuring call recording and they even work different.
The following explanations assume that the call is established between A and B and start with the pressing of the Record-key.

Key Type "Voice+Recorder"/Key Type "Recorder"

  • Call to the URI given as Number in the configuration of the key (recording-account) is send/established
    • This is a normal INVITE
  • 3-party-conference is established between A, B and the recording-account
  • Whole media between A and B is streamed to the recording-account also

If recording is ended (pressing once again the recording key):

  • 3-party-conference is ended
  • For call to recording-account BYE is send

Key Type "Key Event" and number F_RECORD

  • INFO with header Record: On is send to Outbound-Proxy/PBX
    • INFO is send as part of the dialog established as the call was established
      • Call-ID and Tags are the same as of the dialog, CSeq is increased serial
  • Phone does not stream media
  • PBX has to associate INFO with the call and start recording
    • its required that the PBX has access to the RTP of the audio-stream

If recording is ended (pressing once again the recording key):

  • INFO with Record: Off is send
    • INFO is send as part of the call-dialog
  • PBX has to associate the INFO with the dialog and stop recording

Example for such a INFO:

INFO sip:201@;user=phone;transport=udp SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-vvl5yi9din2e;rport
From: "203" <>;tag=maucp6e5al
To: <;user=phone>;tag=410604c3-13da-4e4d147e-77857ce4-24cd5625
Call-ID: 3c27e4f964fc-rfpqj02z0pjk
CSeq: 2 INFO
Max-Forwards: 70
Contact: <sip:203@;line=aho1nwcf>;reg-id=1
User-Agent: snom320/8.4.31
Record: on
Content-Length: 0

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