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Call-Recording enables the user to record a call, by pressing the record-key (or a other function key to which the functionally was assigned). The recorded call could be afterwards retrieved from the PBX as sound-file.
The recording itself has to be done by the PBX, the phone just tells the PBX to record.


  • PBX has to have the ability to record calls
  • The PBX has to support INFO-Requests and has to understand the Record:-Header
  • or the PBX provides a SIP-URI (number or name) which could be called and which will record all media sent to it.

Depending on the supported way you have to choose the way this function is configured on the Record-button or any function-key you choose.

For the INFO-method its F_Record-Setting and for the way via calling a URI its recorder-Setting.

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