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{{:Mass Deployment/Documentation}}
{{:Mass Deployment/Documentation}}
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[[Category:Configuration features]][[Category:HowTo:Auto Provisioning]]

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Depending on the installation environment the following scenarios can be applied to provide the setting (provisioning) URL to the phones:

DHCP Option 66/67
The DHCP Server in the LAN may send the provisioning URL via Option 66/67
Plug & Play
Any SIP Server in the LAN may send the provisioning URL by replying to SIP SUBSCRIBE Broadcast messages
Automatic Redirection Service:
snom's public provisioning server will be contacted automatically and may redirect MAC address based provisioning requests to any other server.
TR-69 Provisioning:
Either scenario 1/2/3 can be used to enable the phone for TR-69 Provisioning

Further Documentation

Firmware Release Phone Type Document Type Document Link
Version 2 Image:pdf.gif (not maintained) Description
Version 3 Image:pdf.gif (not maintained) Description
Versions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Image:pdf.gif (maintained) Description & Example
Version 1 maintained Description
Version 9 maintained Description & Example

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