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EHS means Electronic Hook Switch and is a feature to enable certain wireless headsets to answers and terminate calls directly from the wireless headset device by pressing a designated key. In other words, apart from the pure speech transmission, EHS makes call acceptance possible directly at the headset. By using EHS, telephones and headsets of different manufacturers can be combined. The snom EHS solution supports both wireless headsets from GN Netcom/Jabra as well as devices from Plantronics. This requires a corresponding connector at the headset.

The snom EHS solutions consist of an EHS adapter box and necessary cables. There are two EHS adapter versions:

  1. (not manufactured anymore) Wireless Headset Adapter: P/N: 00001203
  2. (new from 02/2010): EHS Advanced: P/N: 00002362

|A third party accessory is available from Sennheiser, the splitter cable connects the headset's base station to a desktop telephone and the Snom EHS box. |More information regarding the Sennheiser CEHS-SP 01 can be found here.

Please choose the appropriate product from the following overview:

Phone Type Firmware Version Wireless Headset Adapter EHS Advanced
from MAC address 00041328XXXX
supported supported + Savi Office
snom320 supported supported + Savi Office
snom360 supported supported + Savi Office
snom370 supported supported + Savi Office
snom820 supported supported + Savi Office
snom821 not supported supported + Savi Office
snom870 not supported supported + Savi Office
Snom710/D710 not supported supported + Savi Office
Snom715/D715 not supported supported + Savi Office
snom720 not supported supported + Savi Office
snom760 not supported supported + Savi Office
- (snom 3xx only) To use an expansion module and a wireless-headset adapter simultaneously you need a Y cord, since both plug into the connector labeled EXT on the back of the phone. Please note that the EHS with hardware revision R3A/B is no longer compatible with the Y-cord! For this reason, the Y-cord is not delivered with EHS revision R3A/B.
- You don't have to register the EHS device in the phone menu. Just connect it and restart the phone. It automatically detects the adapter.
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