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System Information

Settings Screenshot
Here, you find information regarding phone type, MAC Address, IP Address, Firmware version, Firmware URL and Production Information. Image:S820_wui_v8_setup_sysinfo_sysinfo_en.png

SIP Identity Status

Description Screenshot
The current status - directly received from the SIP registrar - is shown for each identity: Image:S820_wui_v8_setup_sysinfo_sipidstatus_en.png

Ethernet Status

Description Screenshot
Connection Type:

The ethernet status of the internal ethernet ports is displayed:

  • 10 Mbit Half Duplex
  • 10 Mbit Full Duplex
  • 100 Mbit Half Duplex
  • 100 Mbit Full Duplex

Only valid if Status shows connected which indicates a physical link to the router/switch/PC has been detected.

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