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On this page you can create IP packet traces from current network traffic directly on your phone. This tool is very powerful in order to analyze the network traffic on the phone´s ethernet interface.

Description Screenshot
  • By pressing the “start” button, trace recording will start recording every incoming or outgoing packet addressed to/from your phone
  • Pressing the “stop” button will stop trace recording.
  • By clicking on the “here” link the trace will be saved into the specified file. That file with the extension "pcap" can be easily analyzed with tools like Ethereal or Wireshark.
  • Note: Please be aware that the ring buffer size, where the information is stored during recording, is limited (515000-1 bytes). Especially when recording network traffic containing audio streams the buffer fills up quickly and as a result the first packets might be overwritten and disappear. Please try to record scenarios that are as short as possible!
  • Note: Performing this trace consumes memory and CPU power and may affect the phone behavior e.g. slowing down display refresh or ringtone distortion.
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