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Multiple Numbers per Person

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Since Version 8.2.16 one can create entries that have multiple telephone numbers associated with one person. A Person with three telephone numbers actually consists of 4 records. One (the master) describes thoses attributes that are common for all its telephone number records (its members). The members must set a telephone number and a name but may also define several other attributes. Some of them they share with the master, when a member doesn't define on of these attributes, it'll automatically set to be the same as what the master has defined there. But the member can also overwrite attributes from the master to have for example a different group associated with one telephone number (e.g. for a college who you also consider your friend you may define the master record as friend and change the group in his office telephone number(s) to college).

The attributes shared in the described way between master and members are:

- Group
- Title
- Organization
- Email
- Note
- Photo

There are also attributes that may exclusively be set for the master:

- First Name(s)
- Family Name
- Birthday
- Favorite

Finally some Attributes can only make sense in connection with a number:

- Name (naming the number, not the person. e.g. "office", "cell", ..)
- Number
- Contact Type
- Outgoing Identity
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