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Settings Screenshot


Phone Behavior

Call Completion
Peer to Peer Call Completion
IDNA Support
Auto Dial
Overlap Dialing
Number Guessing
Number Guessing Minimum Length
Contact Query Minimum Length
Block URL Dialing
Deny All Feature
Challenge Response on Phone
Enable Intercom
Type of intercom answering
Intercom (´Answer After´) Policy
CMC Feature (Client Matter Code)
Dialog-Info Call Pickup
Show display name in Dialog-Info
Show Dialog-Info Call Pickup on XML Idle Screen
Disconnect on Hook
Call join on Xfer (2 calls)
AOC Amount Display
AOC Pulse currency
AOC Cost/Pulse
Partial Number Lookup
Text Only Display on Soft Keys
Allow incoming calls redirection through programmable keys
Automatic Redial On Busy
Redial After (Sec)
Text Only Display on Soft Keys
Handle Active Identity Mailbox Only
Return To Idle Screen On offhook
Dial prompt on offhook
Device Feature Key Synchronization
Line Info Layer
Go to Virtual Keys on Activity
Go to Call-Monitor on Activity
Prefer local Photos


Transfer on Onhook
Independent transfer on Onhook
Transfer starcode picked up calls
Block DND
Use Speaker Key to Dial
Use Speaker Keys to Receive Calls
Cancel Key on Held Call
Clear Missed Calls on Cancel
Clear Desktop Messages on Cancel


Logon Wizard
Automatically logoff all identities after inactivity (min)


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