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Ringtone defaults

Ringer Device for Headset
Default Ringer

These settings can be used to address internal ringtones (Ringer 1-10, silent) via SIP header. The SIP header must look like this:

Alert-Info: <http://www.notused.com>;info=alert-group;x-line-id=0


<http://www.notused.com> -> will be ignored, if there is no file specified otherwise the file (wav format) will be downloaded

info=alert-group -> alert-group: free defined string configured in "Alert Internal Text", "Alert External Text" or "Alert Group Text"
 e.g. "Alert Internal Text": internal_calls -> info=internal_calls

x-line-id=0 -> part of the syntax -> no use, will be ignored

Note: Asterisk- Users may include the SIP Header this way (Attention: Use the quotation otherwise the semicolons are interpreted as comments!):

exten => s,n,SIPAddHeader("Alert-Info:<http://www.notused.com>\;info=alert-external\;x-line-id=0")

Directory Ring Tones

Specify the ringing melodies for different contact types of your personal directory entries (e.g.., “friends”) by choosing a ringer from the respective pull-down menu.

Custom Melody URL
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