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General Information

Settings Screenshot
Webinterface Language
Number Display Style
Tone Scheme
MWI Notification
MWI Dial Tone
Use Headset Device
U.S. Date Format(mm/dd)
24 Hour clock
Use Flash Plugin
Message LED for Dialog State/Missed Calls
Global counter for Missed Calls
Outgoing Identity Scrolling on idle
Show identity index
(Snom360/370 only) Use Backlight
(Snom360/370 only) Ringer Animation
(Snom360/370 only) Redundant Softkeys
General Information Tab

Call Forwarding


Settings Screenshot
Event Tab


Settings Screenshot
On Code
Off Code
Event Tab


Settings Screenshot
On Code
Off Code
Busy Tab


Settings Screenshot
Timeout (sec)
On Code
Off Code
Event Tab


PBX star codes for DND functionality.

Settings Screenshot
On Code
Off Code

Ringtone defaults

Settings Screenshot
Ringer Device for Headset
Default Ringer
Ringtone defaults Tab

Alert-Info Ringer

Settings Screenshot
Alert Internal Text
Alert Internal Ringer
Alert External Text
Alert External Ringer
Alert Group Text
Alert Group Ringer
Alert-Info Ringer Tab

Directory Ringtones

Specify the ringing melodies for different contact types of your personal directory entries (e.g.., “friends”) by choosing a ringer from the respective pull-down menu.

Settings Screenshot
Custom Melody URL
Directory Ringtones Tab

Customised Alert-Info using built-in melodies

Settings Screenshot
Internal Ringer Text 0
Internal Ringer File 0
Internal Ringer Text 1
Internal Ringer File 1
Internal Ringer Text 2
Internal Ringer File 2
Internal Ringer Text 3
Internal Ringer File 3
Internal Ringer Text 4
Internal Ringer File 4
Internal Ringer Text 5
Internal Ringer File 5
Internal Ringer Text 6
Internal Ringer File 6
Internal Ringer Text 7
Internal Ringer File 7
Internal Ringer Text 8
Internal Ringer File 8
Internal Ringer Text 9
Internal Ringer File 9
Internal Ringer Text 10
Internal Ringer File 10

Auto Answer

Settings Screenshot
Auto Answer Indication
Type of Answering
Auto Answer Configuration

Privacy Settings

Settings Screenshot
Call Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)
Call Line Identification Restriction (CLIR)
Presence Inactivity Timeout
Privacy Tab

Lock Keyboard

Settings Screenshot
Allow keyboard locking
Keyboard lock
PIN to unlock
Emergency Numbers (space separated)
Outbound proxy for emergency numbers
Lock Keyboard Tab
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