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Here you can select the firmware binary you want to run on the phone. Type the V6 firmware URL in this field. Press the “Load” button if you made changes to these settings. The phone will now attempt to load the binary file from the newly provided URL. It will show “SW” on the display and then start rebooting after a couple of seconds. If it shows “SW” but does not start to reboot, please start the reboot process yourself by rebooting the phone.

Settings Screenshot

Naming conventions of the different images:

  • Bootloader: „-b“ is the bootloader and does not do a great deal. We do not expect any significant changes here.
  • Linux: „-l“ consists of the linux kernel. This will change rarely only.
  • Rootfilesystem: „-r“ is the rootfilesystem, which consists of the fundamental files that have to be present to get the linux system running. And with 3.14, we have added a small application which is able to update the 'Application partition' mentioned below via TFTP. This will only rarely change, too.
  • Application Filesystem (JFFS2): „-j“; here we have the application performing as “the phone“. This is what will usually be updated.
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