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An Action URL triggers external URLs on phone-internal events. For instance, on an incoming call, the URL of the field “incoming call” is triggered, “Setup finished” is triggered when the phone is booted up properly and ready for usage etc.

On this page you can specify the URL for a particular event on your phone. The URL can contain variable names starting with $ and pattern=$variable strings separated by & i.e. your_pattern1=$variable1&your_pattern2=$variable2 and so on (e.g. http://internal.server.net/help.xml?redirect=$redirect_number&time=$redirect_time). You can also put variables within the path of url (e.g. http://www.snom.com/$mac&/settings.xml) and variable name has to be between $ and &. Variables could be the usual settings stored on the phone and accessed through the Settings Status page. Additionally the following variables can be used for the current call to be replaced at run time:

  • $local --> the SIP URI of callee
  • $remote --> the SIP URI of caller
  • $call-id --> the call-id of the active call

Note: Please note that private settings like passwords would be replaced by empty strings.

Settings Screenshot
DND on
DND off
Redirection on
Redirection off
Incoming call
Outgoing call
Setup finished
On offhook
On onhook
Missed call
On Connected
On Disconnected
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