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Ad Hoc Conference

With a single key press, the user can enter the new conference setup and comfortably select desired participants:

Please note: the second picture is presenting just a UI illustration draft, while the functionality is already provided. For more details please see: Ad Hoc Conference


Easy dialog to setup a highly flexible handy "key experience":

Revamped Xfer-2 function with your Smartphone in mind, but also provides great value for Boss / Admin scenarios or with hunt groups. For more details please see: SmartTransfer

Silent Mode

The nice way to be on DND, but remain available when the user needs a certain focus on the work or a dialogue:

This distraction minimizer can be activated or deactivated any time, from idle but also on demand for an incoming call. For more details please see: Silent Mode

Quick Redial

The popular redial function, but now on next level: optimized efficiency thanks to a streamlined and seamless workflow design.

Supports a fast double key press experience for the most common case, without compromising the less common ones. For more details please see: Quick Redial

Live UI Customisation with Color & Transparency

Extensive on-the-fly control for color and transparency of almost all UI elements that unlocks countless opportunities for Corporate ID and Vendor Branding, Theme Designs, etc. (starting version:


HINT: Combine this with custom_bg_image_url and make our New UI your own. No Reboot, No Upload, Real-Time, - It's Alive! And Kicking!

ID Photo Upload

LP - Long Press Feature

Quick Dial Contacts


Auto Dial / Hot / Warm Dialing

( + (

Demo Mode

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