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Q: Hey, i noticed that the new beta was 5.5 instead of 5.4.1 so i was wondering if there are more changes to the firmware more than the 2 you mentioned in the release notes. Is there anything in the 5.5 release that might help with my locking up 360 problem? Thanks, Mike

A: Mike, I have answered your questions in a TTS email already. No, the 5.5 is fixing only the reported release notes. Your issue should be fixable with the option like I have told you, give it a try. We named it 5.5 hoping that it will be one of the last versions on the release branch 5 ;-)

Q: Will release branch 6.0 add many new features such as 5.0 did or will it just be the next release with whatever bug fixes?

A: In a major release usually new features are comming in. The minibrowswer for example is planned to be build into release 6.

Q: How to set TOS to 0x18

How do I set a RTP TOS value of 0x18 on a 5.4 Snom 360, your phone wants a decimal??? Would it be the decimal conversion of 0x18???? Snom says 0-255, so decimal of 0x18 would be 24? So would it be 24? My astlinux firewall running astshape, looks for a TOS of 0x18 to determine if its voip traffic so it can give priority.

A: see here:

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