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Problem with snom3X0-ramdiskToJffs2-br.bin

Q: Updated a couple of snom360 phones by mass deployment from latest 4.5 version to 5.0b in the following steps:

  • Update to snom3X0-5.0a-SIP-j.bin
  • Update to snom3X0-3.25-l.bin

Up to this point everything was fine...

  • Update to snom3X0-ramdiskToJffs2-br.bin and all the phones did not boot. Had to do a manual power cycle!
  • Update to snom3X0-5.0b-SIP-j.bin and again all the phones did not boot. Had to do a manual power cycle!

Could it be that I hit a bug?

A: There was a problem here. This has been fixed. Please use the new file snom3X0-3.35-ramdiskToJffs2-br.bin available at our firmware download page.

Problem with snom3X0-3.35-ramdiskToJffs2-br.bin/snom3x0-jffs2ToRamdisk-br.bin

Q: After an update to snom3X0-ramdiskToJffs2-br.bin (Rootfs-Version: snom3x0 jffs2 v3.35) or downgrade to snom3x0-jffs2ToRamdisk-br.bin my phone is unusable but showing Ready ... Serial 2.0, what happened?

A: There is a major problem in this version which can lead to MAC address loss of the device during each restart. Especially if you unpowered it before. The phone is unusable then and can be repaired at snom only.

If you used those files for updating/downgrading and your phone is working still fine, please update to the new snom3X0-ramdiskToJffs2-br.bin (Rootfs-Version: snom3x0 jffs2 v3.36). You can downgrade then again with the new snom3x0-jffs2ToRamdisk-br.bin if you like. It is highly recommended to not use PoE (power over ethernet) for this update/downgrade session!

Weird Intercom Jitters with a - fixed with b

Q: We updated from version 4 to version 5 using the the following files in the following order:

  1. snom320-3.25-l.bin
  2. snom320-5.0a-SIP-j.bin

We started noticing that anyone with the updated firmware had major jitters when paging people over the intercom. My tech tried the following update order and it has fixed every phone with intercom jitters:

  1. snom320-3.25-l.bin
  2. snom320-5.0a-SIP-j.bin
  3. snom320-5.0b-SIP-j.bin

A: This cannot be, because the firmware part of 5.0a and 5.0b are identical. But I strongly recommend 5.2, this is fixing some audio issues.

A vs. B and 5.2

Q: I really can't find much information about updating to 5.2 - I feel like we're on a treadmill of firmware updates - it took us almost 5 min. a phone to go from 4.0 to 5.0a then to 5.0b Considering the way the phones behaved, there was a definite benefit of going from 5.0a to 5.0b.

A: As long as you are on 5.0 or above, just use b-versions from now on. a-versions are for updating from below 5 to this 5.x image once only. I can tell you for 100% the images "a" and "b" are the same inside functionality wise.

Followup: I guess I was either misinformed or misunderstood what someone told me. After your reply, I did some testing and a simple reboot of the phone always temporarily fixes the weird intercom jitters. After about half a day, the phones need to be rebooted, no matter how I've done the firmware update - even with the latest (as of Friday Jan. 27, 2006.)

I'm not sure why the phones started to perform weird jitters only after our firmware updates. Any input or direction on how to solve this problem would be appreciated.

A: This is a known bug of version 5.0, please use version 5.2 !

Followup: Well, from where I'm at, its a known bug for 5.2 as well. The only way to fix it is to reboot the phone. Like 10 times a day. Any suggestions?

A: Are you sure you are using 5.2 ? Please send us the content of the "System information" web interface page to and lets discuss further via email.


System Information:
Phone Type:	snom320-SIP
MAC-Address:	00041324202F
Application-Version:	snom320-SIP 5.2
Rootfs-Version:	snom320 ramdisk v3.31
Firmware-URL:	http://
Production Information:	Mac:00041324202F;Version:Standard;Hardware:snom320 (MB V1.0_K7,KB V1.0_L4-NC);Lot: 11/05
SIP Line Status:
Line 1 Status:	104@ OK
Line 2 Status:	
Line 3 Status:	
Line 4 Status:	
Line 5 Status:	
Line 6 Status:	
Line 7 Status:	
Line 8 Status:	
Line 9 Status:	
Line 10 Status:	
Line 11 Status:	
Line 12 Status:	9104@ OK

Ethernet Status:
Net Port:	Connection Type: 100 Mbit Full Duplex
Status: connected
PC Port:	Connection Type: 
Status: not conntected
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