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snom m9 FW contains Base Station and Handset FW bundle

  • Note: The 'a' and 'b' versions only differ in the Languages supported on the handset. The base station FW is identical.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: When updating from FW version 9.2.x or below, the base will need to be rebooted twice after applying the FW. After update:
* Press Reboot from web interface
* Wait 20 seconds
* Unplug the base and reconnect
* After device boots up, update all Handsets to the latest FW


Important note for IPv6:

  • Update to an upgraded Linux Kernel if IPv6 interface is not working!
  • The IPv6 interface requires an upgraded Linux Kernel on the device. If the IPv6 interface is not working, upgrade the device to the latest Linux Kernel which can be found at

Standard Version (EU/US)

Eastern Europe/Scandinavian Version

Base Station

  • HTTP:
    • Copy the the following link:
    • Enter the above copied link in the software update field and click on Update
    • Update status is indicated on the Web Interface
    • FW upgrade requires restart


  • Press “Settings”, and select “Handset”
  • Select “FW Update” option and press OK
  • Handset displays “On Charger”
  • Place Handset on charger, upload progress is indicated on Handset
  • Handset FW Update takes approx. 5 minutes
  • Please ensure to perform a "Handset Reset" from the "Handset" menu every time the handset FW is updated to a new version
  • Note: Up to 4 handsets can be updated in parallel
  • Note: Handsets can also be upgrade via the USB port located under the batter cover. Details on Handset FW upgrade with USB can be found Here

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