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Broadsoft Remote Call Manager

The Broadsoft Call Manager allows users to control calls (with call functions such as hold, transfer, and conference), via a familiar web page, rather than complex star codes and flash-hooks. Using the web-based Call Manager, you can dial and answer calls, hold, retrieve, release, conference or transfer calls. To use the Call Manager:


  • On the snom m9, Enter the account data as provided by your administrator under Identity settings
  • Select Server Type as BroadSoft BroadWorks
  • Sign-in to the Broadsoft web portal with your Account username and password
  • Launch the Call Manager from the drop down at the top right corner


  • To dial a number from your snom m9 using the Broadsoft Call Manager, enter the destination number in the Enter Phone Number field and press the Dial button
  • The snom m9 handset connects and plays ringback tone
  • The called party is alerted accordingly

Remote Answer

  • When the snom m9 is alerted by an incoming call, the Call Manager portal can also be used to accept the alerting call
  • When the snom m9 receives an incoming call, the Answer button will light up
  • Pressing the button will accept the incoming call and the snom m9 handset will connect to the calling party

Remote Hold

  • Active calls can be placed on hold during calls using the the Call Manager portal
  • During a call, press the Hold button on the Call Manager portal to place the call on-hold
  • To resume the held call, press the Answer button

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