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Start Up and Handset Registration

  • Bootup the snom m9 Base Station
  • Wait until the "Call" LED starts blinking slowly
  • Power Up the snom m9 Handset and Login with default DECT PIN 0000 as shown below

Handset Assignment

  • Press the Settings->System Info button on your Handset to bring up the System Info
  • Press the Down cursor to scroll to --Handset-- screen as shown here
  • Select the matching Handset IPUI from the list under Identity->Handsets
  • Configure any additional handsets in a similar way
  • Note: For using the same SIP account on multiple handsets, disable active Handset IPUIs for other accounts under Identity->Handsets
  • Note: The Handset IPUI is also written on the label inside the battery compartment

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