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m9 and DECT GAP

  • The DECT GAP or “Generic Access Profile” defines an interoperability profile for Digital Cordless Telephones. The aim of the protocol is to define a set of mandatory requirements for DECT based devices which allows different products from different manufacturers to interoperate with each other for basic calling.
  • GAP compliance of snom m9 system ensures interoperability with 3rd party DECT equipment in terms of:
    • Mobility management
    • Call Control

DECT Registration Mode

  • In this mode, the snom m9 Base Station waits for DECT/GAP Handsets to register
  • The DECT registration mode is activated on bootup and stays up for 10 minutes
  • Registration mode can also be turned on manually from the snom m9 Web Interface
  • Indicated by blinking Call LED on Base Station
  • Indicated on web interface on bootup or manual registration mode

Image:M9 dect2.PNG

Handset Locator

  • The Handset Locator feature enables the snom m9 administrator to locate all registered DECT Handsets
  • The feature performs a DECT paging broadcast

Image:M9 dect2.PNG‎

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