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Making Calls

  • Enter Number
  • Press OK or Green Button to start dialing

SIP URI Dialing

  • snom m9 handset is also able to dial SIP URIs (e.g. through the Address book or the Call lists (Missed, Dialed, Received)
  • To use URI dialing, simply edit or create a new contact and enter a SIP URI for Home, Office or Mobile
  • Select the contact from the address book and simply call the URI
  • Note: SIP URIs can also be configured as speed dials

Image:M9 address book-sip uri.PNG

Outgoing Line Selection

  • Allow Line Switching: When the setting is turned on, Handsets can call across SIP Identities (See Example Setup)
  • Dial Format: <Identity Index> * <Number>
    • Examples of Line Switching:
      • Dial 1*1234 -> Handset Dials 1234 from Identity 1
      • Dial 7*956 -> Handset Dials 956 from Identity 7
      • Dial 4567 -> Handset Dials from current Identity for the Handset

Directory Search

  • Address book search function allows users to locate contacts easily in the address book

  • The entered search prefix is displayed in the bottom bar
  • Selection bar jumps to the matching contact

Speed Dialing

  • Allows the m9 handset to perform single digit dialing to SIP URIs or E164 numbers
  • This function is particularly useful for phone users who dial certain numbers on a regular basis
  • Every SIP Identity provides up to 10 speed dials for the handset

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