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Handsfree (Speaker)

Handsfree Mode (Speaker)

  • Allows to switch the handset to Speaker phone mode for hands-free usage
  • Press the "Speaker" key on the side of the handset to enable Speaker phone mode
  • Note: Handset can be switched back to normal mode by pressing the "Speaker" key again or pressing the "Green/Call" button
  • Note: To place a call in hands free mode, enter the desired number, press the OK key to dial and then press the "Speaker" key to enable hands-free mode

Intercom (Dect)

  • Press left cursor or select “Intercom” from Menu
  • Select Handset to call and press OK

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds

"Really Simple Syndication" or RSS is a web feed format used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, weather updates etc.

  • The snom m9 Handsets are equipped with an integrated RSS Feed Reader which allows users to view online RSS Feeds on the Handset
  • Public RSS Feeds:

RSS Feeds on Handset

  • The snom m9 Feed Reader provides 3 levels of RSS view
  • Configured RSS Feeds can be viewed on the snom m9 Handset via the "RSS" softkey in idle mode, or through "Office Tools"
  • Level 1: Lists the configured RSS Feeds
  • Level 2: Lists the items of the selected feed
  • Level 3: Displays the contents of the selected feed item


  • On MWI, Handset displays “Envelope” icon and softkey changes to “VM”
  • Press “VM” softkey to listen to Voice Mail
  • Note: For VM systems (such as Microsoft Exchange Server) which do not notify the VM status, the mailbox can be accessed under Office Tools->Voicemail

Missed Calls

  • Missed calls for each SIP Identity are relayed to its associated snom m9 Handset

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