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  • Call log handling for Common phone book is made Call Group dependent to avoid showing Missed Call on handsets which should not have this information
  • Phonebook directory load feature for Common phone book
  • // hide LOCAL_HTTP_SERVER_AUTH_PASS password and comment //
  • DHCP HostName and ClientId added
  • Phonebook loader (.CSV) is made
  • DTS server updated to support -2.30 and -4.30
  • DHCP changed to clear the BootP broadcast bit, which have shown being unsupported by many DHCP servers
  • FWU updated to check handset firmware version too, to ensure all handsets are updated to the same version
  • Handset name now allow symbolic characters
  • Registration is now re-trying after receiving reason 404 (Not Found). Registration attempt will still stop if reason 403 (Forbidden) is received as response
  • Web sites Reboot/Debug/Settings/SipTrace/ is not protected by authorization
  • IP address showed at home page if static IP is chosen, is corrected
  • Negotiated IP/SubMask etc is now shown in the Advanced page
  • Web site password masked with ****
  • DNS SRV handling of additional records (A-Record) for the server has been added
Bug fixes
  • Typo “Registrating” replaced with “Registering” at front page status
  • Processing Update.html page twice corrected to process only once
  • Some sending of wrong User-Agent corrected
  • DTMF inband bug fixed
  • DTMF (rfc2833) and (SipInfo) is changed to use 160 ms as minimum duration (Inspired from Snom 320)
  • Consulted transfer corrected to wait for acknowledge of active call set on Hold before the call transfer is initiated
  • Bug regarding not audio if call is transfer from peer site before codec is connected in gateway. Fx. if a called user has diverted the call to voice mail, this diversion could cause this bug if the diversion signaling was very fast
  • Wrong showing of “Voip Settings PIN” corrected
  • LOCAL_HTTP_SERVER_ACCESS bitmask check corrected. Bug regarding being able to see Debug/SipTrace/Settings is bit 15 was cleared, has been corrected. If Bitmask is set to 0x0000 the access to the web site is fully restricted
  • Settings page showing FWD_xxx corrected
  • Handling URL without <> is not corrected. Seperator ‘;’ added
  • Bug regarding system not answering after some days has been fixed. Could though be more bugs not solved here fx. regarding not sending keep alive packets
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