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1) Go to the Web Interface --> Advanced --> Update Section


2) Set Firmware Server Address to: 

3) Make sure the Firmware Path is set to:


4) On any handset (which has to be registered on the gateway) you can wait until the gateway detects that new software is available and the display reads, “New firmware available” or you can navigate to the Firmware update menu manually.

  1. The Firmware update menu appears.
  2. To update to the latest released version 2.11, choose the update listed on the Simple tab, press the OK key, and then press the "Yes" soft key when prompted whether you want to update the system. If you press the View soft key before you start the installation, you can find out about the software version number and the date and time it was released.
  3. Select (if available) language and press OK. The update time varies depending on the size of the update and the speed of your Internet connection. During the update process the following steps are listed in the display:
    • Getting gateway
    • Updating gateway
    • Getting handset
    • Updating handset

Once a step is complete, a green checkmark appears next to the step. When the entire update has been successfully completed, the display reads "Upgraded to 2.11".

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