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Firmware Update Error Codes

A number of errors can occur when a firmware update is initiated or while a firmware update is in progress. The display will show "Code" followed by a number to indicate whether the update is taking place without any problems or that one of the problems described below exists.

  • Code 0: No problems

Indicates that everything is working as specified.

  • Code 1: Wrong parameter

An internal error code that indicates that the firmware update application cannot access the selected software version, i.e., the selected software is not present in the dir list.

  • Code 2: Network not available

Indicates that the m3 is experiening a network problem, for example an unplugged Ethernet cable. Most HTTP/1.1 response codes are also indicated as a network error.


Code 3 can indicate that the firmware file is not found on the firmware update server (HTTP/1.1 404).

  • Code 4: Firmware files too big

Indicates that the firmware update file is too big.

  • Code 5: Timeout waiting for file

Indicates that the server is busy and cannot process the get request within a reasonable time.

  • Code 6: Server not specified

Indicates that the firmware update server is not specified.


Indicates a number of errors, for example the wrong format for the downloaded firmware update file.

  • Code 8: Illegal use of the Firmware updates API

Indicates abuses of the firmware update API.

  • Code 9: Syntax error found in the DirFile

The DirFile contains all information needed for a firmware update; this includes information about code size, link date, languages and so on. Code 9 indicates that there is a syntax error in the DirFile.

  • Code 10: Unknown format of DirFile

This could indicate that the m3 is downloading firmware from a wrong folder on the firmware update server.

  • Code 11: Server name lookup failed

The DNS server cannot determine the IP address for the provided firmware update server.

  • Code 12: Authentication failed

The HTTP request for the DirFile or firmware files failed with an HTTP/1.1 401 response code. This indicates that either the username or the password is incorrect.

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