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In many ways, the phone functions like an ordinary analog telephone. However, because it is connected to the Internet, you have to configure your phone before it is ready for use. You will need the account information that you received from your Internet Telephony Service Provider - ITSP - to complete the configuration of your VoIP phone. If you have not registered with an Internet Telephony Service Provider yet, you need to do so before you can continue with the configuration. If the phone is to be connected to a company PBX, ask your administrator for the necessary information. These provisioning and configuration guidelines describe how to set up, configure, and manage snom m3 phones. They are targeted towards administrators who have prior experience in configuring servers and VoIP gateways for SIP and in establishing IP networks.

The administration of the snom m3 phone is accomplished via these interfaces:

  • Remotely per Auto Provisioning (HTTP or TFTP)
    • File transfer via HTTP or TFTP gives full access to all configuration parameters, as described
  • Manually using the local Web User Interface of the phone
    • The local web interface allows access to a limited number of configuration setting.
  • Manually using the Phone User Interface of the handset
    • The handset allows access to some VoIP account settings.

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