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Bug Fixes
  • Provisioning didn't work when HTTPS was used.


New Features
  • Labels for Ok and Cancel buttons added to static ip configuration screen.
  • DNS server field added to static IP configuration screen.
  • New static IP configuration field for ntp servers added to WUI.
Bug Fixes
  • Clear LED for provisioned speed dial buttons, as the phone doesn't send LED messages for this type.
  • Restart TcpServer when the network interface configuration changed.


Bug Fixes
  • Restart syslog process if it fails. (Log messages might get lost)
  • If a provisioned image was already downloaded and thus skipped, it wasn't shown in the GUI as the local image wasn't loaded instead.
  • Fix configuration and provisioning file download issues introduced in 1.3.5


New Features
  • If a firmware update failed, retry it on the next regular Vision shut down
  • Pairing supported between Vision and snom 8xx
Feature Change
  • If a provisioning or branding file download fails, retry several times with increasing sleeps before giving up
  • If a button description contains bad markup, show "###" as an error indicator


New Features
  • When the Vision restarts on purpose, show an info screen with the reason so the user can distinguish restarts from hangs/crashes
Bug Fixes
  • Don't reboot if provisioning file download failed, but do reboot if the provisioning file was downloaded though the setting value didn't change.
  • Don't crash if non-existing avatar url is provisioned for a button without value
  • Remove all <*_tgz_status> settings from the Vision config.xml to force the reload of branding files after firmware update
Feature Change
  • Don't save URL received by VISION_SETPROVURL lpcp message in provisioning_server setting to prevent duplicate processing of the same provisioning URL. So the message triggers only the provisioning process for the given URL.
  • If multiple buttons have the same avatar image URL, load the image only once
  • Continue provisioning files download process even if one file fails
  • Make config file saving more robust to minimize risk of losing the configuration by unexpected reboots


New Features
  • If boolean GUI setting skip_empty_pages is provisioned with True, empty pages will be skipped when switching pages. Also switch automatically to first non-empty page if current page is empty after provisioning.
  • Reboot Vision after download of provisioned branding files (fonts_tgz, icons_tgz, bmp_tgz or html_tgz).
  • Make "OK" and "Cancel" button labels configurable in info/error screen.
  • New file upload tags <bmp_tgz> and <html_tgz> added to allow changes to Vision and web GUI.
  • Log type and firmware version of connecting phone.
Bug Fixes
  • The internal settings data structures became inconsistent if empty setting values were provisioned
  • Don't use temporary files for fetched data to prevent race conditions
  • curl was skipping URL parameters added with '&'
  • Send provisioned key configuration changes to connected phone
Feature Change
  • Button type "Line" is now active without needing a value
  • Wait 100ms after key/touch press event handling to give graphic engine some time to render the button background
  • We don't want to switch pages on long key press functions, so we must switch pages on key release instead of key press


New Features
  • SPYT-47 - New button type Boss/Admin added
Bug Fixes
  • The internal settings datas structures became inconsistent if empty setting values were provisioned.
  • Don't use temporary files for fetched data to prevent race conditions.
  • curl was skipping URL parameters added with '&'.
Feature Change
  • SPYT-47 - Buttons with type Boss/Admin or Auto Answer are now active without needing a value.


New Features
  • Support for digest authentication in webserver.
  • Added keypress simulation to webserver: e. g. http://<VISION_IP>/KeyboardModule/simulateKeypress/18
  • Allow WUI import of a plain config.xml file.
  • Ensure that phone settings set by Vision are saved to flash on newer phone firmwares.
  • New WUI button to download complete logfile.
  • Virtual phone button type "none" added.
  • SPYT-13: User agent used for http requests is now similar to the user agent used by snom phones, e.g. "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; snom870E-SIP 1.2.3 SPEAr300 SNOM 1.4E)"
  • SPYT-30: Provide additional parameter "source" with possible values "key" and "touch" when activating a virtual key on the phone.
  • SPYT-19: New settings page added to WUI.
  • Show error screen on the Vision if the connection to the phone fails. The user can dismiss the message with Cancel or try to re-establish the connection with OK.
  • Explicit URL http://VISION_IP/setSyslogServer?server=SERVER_IP added to set syslog server and reboot the Vision to make the change effective.
  • URL http://<VISION_IP>/screenshot.png creates a screenshot in PNG format.
  • Additional "Clear log" and "Full log" buttons added above the log content, as the existing buttons might move too quickly to use them.
  • Show firmware and uboot version in logfile.
  • Button type application is now user selectable.
  • The buttons for the default applications on the last row of the first page are now user changeable.
  • Holding the OK key for more than two seconds forces the display of the setting info module.
Bug Fixes
  • Make sure that the browser doesn't use outdated javascript files from cache after a firmware update.
  • Use proper escape for quotes in button values when shown on WUI.
  • Delete thumbnail images from device on factory reset.
  • Make log entry handling more robust and add some debugging output.
  • SPYT-31: Add facility (local7) and severity (informational) to syslog messages, as some syslog servers ignore messages without these values.
  • SPYT-21: Disable DHCP client if static network configuration is entered via Vision touchscreen.
  • Don't restart internal webserver upon DHCP lease renewal unless the IP address has changed.
  • Export each image only once even if it's used by several buttons.
Feature Change
  • SPYT-44: Remove leading zeros from ip address octets entered via static IP GUI screen.
  • Start the webserver only once listening on all network interfaces and stop it only on program termination.
  • If DHCP option 66 is set, use option 67 only if the URL in option 66 doesn't contain a path. If neither option 66 contains a path nor 67 is set, use "snom870e.htm" as path.
  • Always define all virtual phone buttons, as the default differs between phone ("line") and Vision ("speed").
  • SPYT-18: Major speedup of loading the extension gui webpage by shifting work to the client which now creates the table structures with JavaScript.
  • Log levels MINFO and MDEBUG removed from log level selection on web page, as output on these levels is too verbose and not helpful for customer support.


New Features
  • Vision buttons can now be configured to almost any function types available as phone function key. Not available are the types "None" and "Push2Talk".
  • For type "Line" it is necessary to define a dummy value which is ignored by the phone.
  • For type "Auto Answer" the value "*" is used to enable auto answer on all identities.
Bug Fixes
  • The web logfile was missing texts between '<' and '>'.
  • Disable caching of web logfile ajax requests, which broke the automatic log update in some browsers including the internet explorer.
Feature Change
  • Handle key types speeddial and actionurl as virtual phone keys. This allows to use phone features like DTMF and incomplete numbers for speeddial. But the LED and button handling for speed dial remains to work as before on the Vision.
  • Also the snom key of the phone isn't used any longer to trigger actionurls.
  • Handle page switching keys already on key press instead on key release. All other key handling remains unmodified.
  • Reduce loading time of extension module configuration webpage by one third.
  • Support new CSTA message format used by the phone from firmware 8.6.5 on. The legacy CSTA format is still detected and supported. (SCPP-2388)


New Features
  • Sort saved/exported settings by name and index.
Bug Fixes
  • Encode speed dial phone number to allow international phone number format (+49301234567).
  • Encode values entered on the web frontend to support special chars (like +).
Feature Change
  • Search for full remote in addition to value before @ sign, so sip uris can be used for speed dial buttons.
  • Strip blanks of button values entered via web frontend.


New Features
  • Close button added to image upload web dialog.
  • Show new icons for action and trigger urls instead of using the avatar icon.
  • The extension gui module now supports three pages of buttons. The two buttons below the screen can be used to switch pages.
  • The LEDs in these buttons will flash to signal incoming calls from contacts defined on the corresponding non-visible page.
Bug Fixes
  • Changing the outgoing identity via web gui had no effect.
  • The wrong button was marked as activated when pressed via touch screen.
  • The button activation wasn't reset if the touch release event occured on a different button.
  • Ignore firmware setting when importing setting files to prevent unnecessary firmware updates.
Feature Change
  • Notify user if web browser has no flash player installed or an outdated version.
  • Web GUI more closely resembles 870 web GUI.


New Features
  • The type of a button can now be defined. Supported types are speeddial (the default), action url, trigger url and application:
    • Type action url redefines the (virtual) snom key on the connected phone to trigger the defined action url, presses the virtual button and deletes the button configuration from the phone.
    • Type trigger url lets the vision fetch the given url. Any result returned from the server is discarded.
    • Type application is currently for internal use only.
  • The vision checks the phone settings to verify that the necessary four action urls have been set. Otherwise no outgoing calls are possible.
  • The log level can be changed via web frontend and provisioning.
  • "Save settings" button added to the web frontend to immediately write the settings to the flash.
  • "Reestablish phone connection" button added to the web frontend to force a reconnect to the phone after an error.
Bug Fixes
  • Include web server port in action urls used for phone state signaling.
  • Proper word wrapping for button description text.
  • The vision queries the firmware version used by the connected phone and allows empty outgoing ids only if the firmware version is known to support them.

Otherwise a dummy value is used as outgoing id. When in doubt (internal build versions etc.) the vision will also use the dummy value, which might prevent making outgoing calls for new firmwares as the refuse to accept unknown (dummy) outgoing ids. In this case the special value "<EMPTY>" can be used as outgoing id as it forces the vision to use an empty outgoing id regardless of the firmware version.

  • When the provisioning server was changed via web gui, the value vanished after a restart due to a typo in the setting name it was saved to.
  • XML parser was broken if SAX delivers the character data in more than one chunk.
  • Set global socket timeout of 2 seconds to reduce the gui freeze while the vision waits for a timeout when trying to connect an unreachable phone.
  • When a http server password is defined on the vision, the action urls set in the phone must include the credentials.
  • Reconfigure the webserver if the http server user/password is changed so the password is effective without a vision reboot.
  • Fetching files from web wasn't performed in a separate thread in the config and extension modules.
Feature Change
  • Define all settings set by dhcp client as volatile.
  • The setting and resetting of the phone action urls is reduced to the minimum.
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