Snom Vision/Firmware/Release Notes/1.3.4

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New Features
  • When the Vision restarts on purpose, show an info screen with the reason so the user can distinguish restarts from hangs/crashes
Bug Fixes
  • Don't reboot if provisioning file download failed, but do reboot if the provisioning file was downloaded though the setting value didn't change.
  • Don't crash if non-existing avatar url is provisioned for a button without value
  • Remove all <*_tgz_status> settings from the Vision config.xml to force the reload of branding files after firmware update
Feature Change
  • Don't save URL received by VISION_SETPROVURL lpcp message in provisioning_server setting to prevent duplicate processing of the same provisioning URL. So the message triggers only the provisioning process for the given URL.
  • If multiple buttons have the same avatar image URL, load the image only once
  • Continue provisioning files download process even if one file fails
  • Make config file saving more robust to minimize risk of losing the configuration by unexpected reboots
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