Snom Vision/Firmware/Release Notes/1.3.3

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New Features
  • If boolean GUI setting skip_empty_pages is provisioned with True, empty pages will be skipped when switching pages. Also switch automatically to first non-empty page if current page is empty after provisioning.
  • Reboot Vision after download of provisioned branding files (fonts_tgz, icons_tgz, bmp_tgz or html_tgz).
  • Make "OK" and "Cancel" button labels configurable in info/error screen.
  • New file upload tags <bmp_tgz> and <html_tgz> added to allow changes to Vision and web GUI.
  • Log type and firmware version of connecting phone.
Bug Fixes
  • The internal settings data structures became inconsistent if empty setting values were provisioned
  • Don't use temporary files for fetched data to prevent race conditions
  • curl was skipping URL parameters added with '&'
  • Send provisioned key configuration changes to connected phone
Feature Change
  • Button type "Line" is now active without needing a value
  • Wait 100ms after key/touch press event handling to give graphic engine some time to render the button background
  • We don't want to switch pages on long key press functions, so we must switch pages on key release instead of key press
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