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New Features
  • Support for digest authentication in webserver.
  • Added keypress simulation to webserver: e. g. http://<VISION_IP>/KeyboardModule/simulateKeypress/18
  • Allow WUI import of a plain config.xml file.
  • Ensure that phone settings set by Vision are saved to flash on newer phone firmwares.
  • New WUI button to download complete logfile.
  • Virtual phone button type "none" added.
  • SPYT-13: User agent used for http requests is now similar to the user agent used by snom phones, e.g. "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; snom870E-SIP 1.2.3 SPEAr300 SNOM 1.4E)"
  • SPYT-30: Provide additional parameter "source" with possible values "key" and "touch" when activating a virtual key on the phone.
  • SPYT-19: New settings page added to WUI.
  • Show error screen on the Vision if the connection to the phone fails. The user can dismiss the message with Cancel or try to re-establish the connection with OK.
  • Explicit URL http://VISION_IP/setSyslogServer?server=SERVER_IP added to set syslog server and reboot the Vision to make the change effective.
  • URL http://<VISION_IP>/screenshot.png creates a screenshot in PNG format.
  • Additional "Clear log" and "Full log" buttons added above the log content, as the existing buttons might move too quickly to use them.
  • Show firmware and uboot version in logfile.
  • Button type application is now user selectable.
  • The buttons for the default applications on the last row of the first page are now user changeable.
  • Holding the OK key for more than two seconds forces the display of the setting info module.
Bug Fixes
  • Make sure that the browser doesn't use outdated javascript files from cache after a firmware update.
  • Use proper escape for quotes in button values when shown on WUI.
  • Delete thumbnail images from device on factory reset.
  • Make log entry handling more robust and add some debugging output.
  • SPYT-31: Add facility (local7) and severity (informational) to syslog messages, as some syslog servers ignore messages without these values.
  • SPYT-21: Disable DHCP client if static network configuration is entered via Vision touchscreen.
  • Don't restart internal webserver upon DHCP lease renewal unless the IP address has changed.
  • Export each image only once even if it's used by several buttons.
Feature Change
  • SPYT-44: Remove leading zeros from ip address octets entered via static IP GUI screen.
  • Start the webserver only once listening on all network interfaces and stop it only on program termination.
  • If DHCP option 66 is set, use option 67 only if the URL in option 66 doesn't contain a path. If neither option 66 contains a path nor 67 is set, use "snom870e.htm" as path.
  • Always define all virtual phone buttons, as the default differs between phone ("line") and Vision ("speed").
  • SPYT-18: Major speedup of loading the extension gui webpage by shifting work to the client which now creates the table structures with JavaScript.
  • Log levels MINFO and MDEBUG removed from loglevel selection on web page, as output on these levels is too verbose and not helpful for customer support.
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