Snom Vision/Firmware/Release Notes/1.2.2

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New Features
  • Vision buttons can now be configured to almost any function types available as phone function key. Not available are the types "None" and "Push2Talk".
  • For type "Line" it is necessary to define a dummy value which is ignored by the phone.
  • For type "Auto Answer" the value "*" is used to enable auto answer on all identities.
Bug Fixes
  • The web logfile was missing texts between '<' and '>'.
  • Disable caching of web logfile ajax requests, which broke the automatic log update in some browsers including the internet explorer.
Feature Change
  • Handle key types speeddial and actionurl as virtual phone keys. This allows to use phone features like dtmf and incomplete numbers for speeddial. But the LED and button handling for speeddial remains to work as before on the Vision.
  • Also the snom key of the phone isn't used any longer to trigger actionurls.
  • Handle page switching keys already on key press instead on key release. All other key handling remains unmodified.
  • Reduce loading time of extension module configuration webpage by one third.
  • Support new CSTA message format used by the phone from firmware 8.6.5 on. The legacy CSTA format is still detected and supported. (SCPP-2388)
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