Snom Vision/Firmware/Release Notes/1.1.9

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New Features
  • Close button added to image upload web dialog.
  • Show new icons for action and trigger urls instead of using the avatar icon.
  • The extension gui module now supports three pages of buttons. The two buttons below the screen can be used to switch pages.
  • The LEDs in these buttons will flash to signal incoming calls from contacts defined on the corresponding non-visible page.
Bug Fixes
  • Changing the outgoing identity via web gui had no effect.
  • The wrong button was marked as activated when pressed via touch screen.
  • The button activation wasn't reset if the touch release event occured on a different button.
  • Ignore firmware setting when importing setting files to prevent unnecessary firmware updates.
Feature Change
  • Notify user if web browser has no flash player installed or an outdated version.
  • Web GUI more closely resembles 870 web GUI.
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