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New Features
  • The type of a button can now be defined. Supported types are speeddial (the default), action url, trigger url and application:
    • Type action url redefines the (virtual) snom key on the connected phone to trigger the defined action url, presses the virtual button and deletes the button configuration from the phone.
    • Type trigger url lets the vision fetch the given url. Any result returned from the server is discarded.
    • Type application is currently for internal use only.
  • The vision checks the phone settings to verify that the necessary four action urls have been set. Otherwise no outgoing calls are possible.
  • The log level can be changed via web frontend and provisioning.
  • "Save settings" button added to the web frontend to immediately write the settings to the flash.
  • "Reestablish phone connection" button added to the web frontend to force a reconnect to the phone after an error.
Bug Fixes
  • Include web server port in action urls used for phone state signaling.
  • Proper word wrapping for button description text.
  • The vision queries the firmware version used by the connected phone and allows empty outgoing ids only if the firmware version is known to support them.

Otherwise a dummy value is used as outgoing id. When in doubt (internal build versions etc.) the vision will also use the dummy value, which might prevent making outgoing calls for new firmwares as the refuse to accept unknown (dummy) outgoing ids. In this case the special value "<EMPTY>" can be used as outgoing id as it forces the vision to use an empty outgoing id regardless of the firmware version.

  • When the provisioning server was changed via web gui, the value vanished after a restart due to a typo in the setting name it was saved to.
  • XML parser was broken if SAX delivers the character data in more than one chunk.
  • Set global socket timeout of 2 seconds to reduce the gui freeze while the vision waits for a timeout when trying to connect an unreachable phone.
  • When a http server password is defined on the vision, the action urls set in the phone must include the credentials.
  • Reconfigure the webserver if the http server user/password is changed so the password is effective without a vision reboot.
  • Fetching files from web wasn't performed in a separate thread in the config and extension modules.
Feature Change
  • Define all settings set by dhcp client as volatile.
  • The setting and resetting of the phone action urls is reduced to the minimum.
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