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Firmware Update

  1. Check the release notes for version 1.2.5 carefully!
  2. Perform the update from V1.2.x to Version 1.2.5 following the steps below:

Right-click on the following link and choose Copy shortcut: latest official Firmware for snom Vision (approx. 30 MB)

Open the Web User Interface and navigate to the Main Config page

Paste the link into the Firmware URL field as shown below:

Click Start Update --> The device reboots and performs the firmware update.

Note: Do not disconnect the power during the update process!

TFTP update

Download the firmware image, save image binary as 'snomVision-r.bin' and put it in the default TFTP update path on the local machine. On snom Vision: Press left control key (bottom left next to '<' symbol), unplug & replug power while holding down the key for 15 secs. The device will go into rescue mode on start-up. Follow the instructions on the screen to either reset the device completely or make a firmware upgrade.

September 2015 - New Release Build 1.3.8 available

  • Check the updated user manual for further information.
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