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The operation of the snom820 is explained in detail in the User Manual. This page gives an overview of
  • Customization of the Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • Phone configuration

Screen Customization

The 820's screen can be customized using

  1. XML Idle Screen Description
    • only the idle screen can be customized
    • only the position of certain screen elements can be rearranged (identity, clock, status line, context-sensitive function keys, etc.)
  2. Screen Branding
    • full screen branding is possible (i.e. colors, icons, etc.)

Menu Structure

Enter the phone configuration by pressing the key "Menu" . The following menu structure will appear:

The following menu options are available via web interface if the phone is operating in Administrator Mode.

1 Preferences

2 Call Features

3 Identity

4 Network

5 Maintenance

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