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In business office environments, desktops are sometimes shared by different employees at the same time or at different points in time (e.g., employees working different shifts, etc). The phones located on the desktops need to be able to cater to this. To ease the effort of assigning the appropriate phone number to the phone for each individual employee, the snom 320 offers so-called mobility features, which are described in the following subchapters.

Logon wizard


If no number is assigned to the phone, you will be prompted to type in your account name. See the quick installation guide section 'Logging on the first account', for further information.

Identity Handling

In idle screen press the menu key Image:s320_menu_key.png to call up the following menu, where you will fi nd the menu item “Identity”.


The following submenu items are available.

Outgoing Identity

Selecting this menu item will provide a list of currently registered SIP lines.


By choosing a different line, your originator phone number is changed to this line. This means that different people can start calls from the same phone with their own originator phone number, and the called phone will display the current outgoing line information. The current

outgoing line is marked on the idle screen with a black-colored phone icon in front of the registered SIP line.

This selection list can also be accessed via the “Reg” soft key in idle state.

The navigation key Image:s320_navup_key.png/Image:s320_navdown_key.png can also be used to move to the currently registered lines directly on the idle screen in order to change the outgoing identity!

Reregister User

A list of all existing registrations is presented, from which you can select a single one to reregister it by confi rming with the Image:s320_tick_key.png key.

Edit User

If you select this item, you can register an additional account to the phone. Up to seven accounts can be assigned in this way. Additionally, existing registrations can also be changed.

Logoff user

Here, you are able to log off a registered account. A list with the currently assigned registrations is shown. Select the registration you want to log off and press the Image:s320_tick_key.png key. The selected registration is logged off and, if it was the only one registered, the logon wizard, if enabled, is displayed again. Otherwise, the idle screen is displayed.

Logoff all

When you select this menu item and press the Image:s320_tick_key.png key, you will be asked if you really want to log off all users.


If you confi rm by pressing Image:s320_tick_key.png, all currently logged-in SIP registrations are logged off and the logon wizard, if enabled, is displayed again. Otherwise, the idle screen is displayed.


In SIP, a user can set up authentication requirements for each registration on the phone. The password for each account name is set up via the web interface of the phone on the confi guration pages for Lines 1-7, index card ‘Login Information’.

If the authentication password is not set, or is set wrongly, the account will not register on that domain and the phone will be challenged for that line. A challenge response will ask for the correct password. This may look like the following:

File:S360 GUI logon chaut01 en.png

The default mode for password input is integer. You can switch to other input modes by pressing , , or . The password is replaced by a series of ‘*’s to keep it hidden from prying eyes. Repeat the same procedure for all accounts with authentication. The challenge responses are stored in the phone and will be used at reregistration or upon reboot. You can also edit this information via the web interface.

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