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Symmetrical RTP [symmetrical_rtp[1-x]]

Web User Interface
Image:fw-version-6.gif: Identities - RTP(Section): Symmetrical RTP
Image:fw-version-7.gif: Identities - RTP Settings(Section): Symmetrical RTP
Image:fw-version-8.gif: Identities - RTP Settings(Section): Symmetrical RTP
XML Syntax
Settings/symmetrical rtp/xml
Symmetrical RTP is a trick to extend the number of cases when communication can be established. A SIP user agent that supports symmetrical RTP waits for the first RTP packet coming in and then sends its media stream back to the IP address from which it received that packet. Symmetrical RTP works always if the user agent that does symmetrical RTP is on a globally routable address. However, this algorithm can easily be cheated (port spraying) and therefore implies a certain security risk.
<on>, <off>
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