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Starting versions:,
<status_msgs_with_audio_indication perm="PERMISSIONFLAG">VALIDVALUE</status_msgs_with_audio_indication>
Lists all statuses that should make the phone beep in idle (i.e. no calls) whenever they are active. The list is prioritized, the first active status found determines the beep-mechanism. Starting with version the beep set of every active status will be played one after the other.
How to define the beep-mechanism:
statusmessage[:reminder time in s][/index of beep set]
beep sets are:
  • 1 - beep one time
  • 2 - beep three times
  • 3 - beep five times
e.g.: EthernetUnplugged PhoneWantsReboot/2 CurrentIdentityIsDnd:10/3 PhoneHasMissedCalls:300
  • 1 beep for ethernet cable is unplugged, no repetition
  • 3 beeps for phone wants to reboot, no repetition
  • 5 beeps for do not disturb current identity, repeating them every 10 seconds
  • 1 beep for missed calls, repeating it every 5 minutes
Status Message Description Since
PhoneHasFirmwareUpdate A firmware update has been received and is ready to install.
PhoneWantsReboot A reboot is required, e.g. to apply setting changes.
PhoneHasDisabledSipStack The phone cannot make calls due to license problems.
PhoneHasVpnError A VPN error has occurred.
PhoneHasLowMemory There is not much free memory left on the phone.
This may cause strange side effects.
PhoneRefusedHugeXcapSync A remote address book is refused to be synchronized via XCAP protocol, because it's too big.
CurrentIdentityIsNotRegistered The currently selected identity is not registered.
Identity<01..12>IsNotRegistered The n-th identity is not registered (whereas <n> can be 01..12).
PhoneIsWaitingForCallCompletion Call completion is active and phone waits for notification of remote party to be available again.
CurrentIdentityForewardsWhenBusy The currently selected identity has activated call forwarding when user is busy.
CurrentIdentityForewardsAfterTimeout The currently selected identity has activated call forwarding after timeout.
CurrentIdentityForewardsAlways The currently selected identity has activated general call forwarding.
CurrentIdentityIsDnd The currently selected identity is set to not receive calls.
PhoneWaitsOnNtpServer The phone is attempting to reach the configured NTP server.
PhoneCannotReachNtpServer The phone failed to reach the NTP server (system time might be wrong).
PhoneHasNoHttpPassword The web interface of the phone is not password protected.
PhoneHasNoAdminPassword The admin mode of the phone not password protected.
PhoneIsLocked The phone's keyboard is locked.
PhoneHasIncomingPublicAnnouncement An incoming public announcement (PA) is being played.
CurrentIdentityHasTextMessages The PBX has at least one text message for the currently selected identity.
PhoneHasTextMessages The PBX has text messages for at least one configured identity.
CurrentIdentityHasVoiceMessages The PBX has at least one voice message for the currently selected identity.
PhoneHasVoiceMessages The PBX has voice messages for at least one configured identity.
PhoneHasMissedCalls There are missed calls.
ServerMessageToBeShownDirectly The PBX did provide a message to be displayed on the phone right away.
EthernetUnplugged The network cable was unplugged.
FirmwareUpdateFailed The last attempt to apply a firmware update failed.
VisionConnectionLost The network connection between the phone and a paired Vision has been lost. 8.7.4
PhoneWantsToUpdate The phone asks for an update.
DfksFailed Device Feature Key Synchronization (DFKS) subscription failed. 8.7.3
IPv4Conflict The IPv4 address conflict detection encountered an error. 8.7.3
AudioDeviceIsSpeaker Speaker is used as sound device. 8.9.3
AudioDeviceIsHeadset Headset is used as sound device. 8.9.3
AudioIsMuted During calls: mute was pressed so no audio is being transmitted to the other party.
On incoming calls: mute was pressed so ringtone won't be played.
PhoneProvisioningStarting The phone is starting the provisioning process.
PhoneProvisioningInProgress The phone's provisioning process is in progress (retry counts).
PhoneProvisioningFailed The phone's provisioning process failed.
Identity<01..12>ExtendedRegInfo Extended Registration Information for Lync accounts.
Due to network issues only limited functionality is available.
Phone calls will work, but Presence, CF etc. might not work.
ActiveLocations Current active locations for Broadsoft.
RemoteOfficeEnabled Current remote office for Broadsoft.
CallForPickupAvailable A call pickup is available.
DateReminding A date is in reminding state.
DateOngoing A date is now ongoing.
ExpDeviceCabelingBroken No connection to a D7.
ExpDeviceLimitExceeded Too many D7 connected.
ActiveBluetoothConnection Phone has an bluetooth device connected.
UsbDiskConnected Phone has an usb device connected.
CallBackOnBusyInProgress Lync: call on busy (CoB) is in progress.
CallBackOnBusyAvailable Lync: callback on busy is available.
BtoeStateUnpaired Lync: BToE state is unpaired.
BtoeStatePairing Lync: BToE state is pairing.
UxmConnected A D3 or D7 USB extension board is connected.
WlanActive Phone is connected over wireless LAN.
CanceledCall A call is canceled.
HidConnecting An USB HID device tries to connect.
HidConnected An USB HID device is connected.
TryParking A call tries to park.
StatusLineSystemMessage Phone internal status or error messages that should be displayed in the status line.
See also status_msgs_that_show_directly, status_msgs_that_are_essential, status_msgs_that_are_important, status_msgs_that_are_blocked, status_msgs_to_pop_up and idle_status_btn_index
space-separated list of statusmessage[:reminder time in s[/index of beep set]]
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