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When phone misses an incoming call, it usually records it in it's missed calls list so the user can call the caller back when he sees the missed call. There are certain scenarios where this is not desired. E.g. imagine you are logged in with your account on two places (e.g. office phone and at home). If you get a call, both phones will ring. If you pick up the call on one phone, you don't need the wrong missed-entry in the other. If the PBX usually includes the reason in it's cancel-message to thew other phone which might look like this:
CANCEL <your account> SIP/2.0
Via: ...
From: ..
To: ...
Reason: SIP ;cause=200 ;text="Call completed elsewhere"
With the help of this setting you can determine which reasons will inhibit creating a missed record. Each reason is evaluate separately, if any one matches the one inside the SIP-Cancel the call will not be treated as missed.
Also see record missed calls, record missed calls when cwi is off, ignore missed calls on busy
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