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Specifies of which parts the voice quality report should be composed of. The report is encapsulated in a SIP PUBLISH message that is send if a call is terminated.
The message looks like the following:
From: <>;tag=45hkui59ns To: <>;tag=nohhk4xu21 Call-ID: 3c26a8de500f-12ct7zov3kjs CSeq: 3 PUBLISH Max-Forwards: 70 Contact: <sip:446@;transport=tls;line=w2wuvhk9>;reg-id=1 Event: vq-rtcpxr Accept: application/sdp, message/sipfrag Content-Type: application/vq-rtcpxr Content-Length: 832 VQSessionReport LocalMetrics: Timestamps:START=2010-02-17T13:59:42Z STOP=2010-02-17T13:59:46Z SessionDesc:PT=0 PD=G.711U PPS=50 SSUP=off CallID:3c26a8de500f-12ct7zov3kjs x-UserAgent:snom360/8.2.sf FromID:<> ToID:<;user=phone> LocalAddr:IP= PORT=62754 SSRC=0xCBE3450E RemoteAddr:IP= PORT=54018 SSRC=0xB80B52F3 DialogID:3c26a8de500f-12ct7zov3kjs;to-tag=866ed0cf03;from-tag=45hkui59ns x-SIPmetrics:SVA=RG SRD=310 SFC=0 x-SIPterm:SDC=OK JitterBuffer:JBA=0 JBR=0 JBN=0 JBM=0 JBX=65535 PacketLoss:NLR=0.0 JDR=0.0 BurstGapLoss:BLD=0.0 BD=0 GLD=0.0 GD=6569 GMIN=16 Delay:RTD=0 ESD=0 IAJ=4 RemoteMetrics: JitterBuffer:JBA=0 JBR=0 JBN=0 JBM=0 JBX=0 PacketLoss:NLR=0.0 JDR=0.0 BurstGapLoss:BLD=0.0 BD=0 GLD=0.0 GD=4677 GMIN=16 Delay:RTD=0 ESD=0 IAJ=2
For more information see vq_report_collector and "Session Initiation Protocol Package for Voice Quality Reporting Event"
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