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Web User Interface
Image:fw-version-6.gif: Preferences - Redirection (Section): Event
Image:fw-version-7.gif: Preferences - CallForwarding (Tab) - Event(Section):Event
Image:fw-version-8.gif: Preferences - CallForwarding (Tab) - Event(Section):Event
Phone User Interface
Navigation Key Down - Call Forwarding
Navigation Key Right or press "Settings" - Call Forwarding
press "Settings" - Call Forwarding
press "Settings" - Call Forwarding
XML Syntax
<redirect_event perm="PERMISSIONFLAG">none</redirect_event>
Event that may cause redirection.
Never: This deactivates all call redirections.
Always: All calls are diverted to the number specified in “Number Redirect”.
When Busy: When a call is in progress, any other call made to that number is rejected and will receive a busy indication. The phone can be set in such a way that the second caller is diverted to another number set in “Number Busy”. Note: This feature will only work if Call Waiting is disabled.
After Timeout: Specify the “Timeout” in seconds after which calls are to be diverted to the number specified in “Number Redirect.”
<all>, <busy>, <none>, <time>
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