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the setting was removed starting from FW 8.2

Enable Intercom [intercom_enabled]

Web User Interface
Image:fw-version-6.gif: Advanced - Phone Behavior (Section): Enable Intercom
Image:fw-version-7.gif: Advanced - Behavior (Tab) - Phone Behavior (Section): Enable Intercom
Image:fw-version-8.gif: Advanced - Behavior (Tab) - Phone Behavior (Section): Enable Intercom ;XML Syntax
:<intercom_enabled perm="PERMISSIONFLAG">VALIDVALUE</intercom_enabled>
Here, you can explicitly select whether or not you want to participate in the intercom functionality. If you enable it, the intercom functionality can be programmed onto the function keys set to type “Intercom”. Usually, intercom uses authentication, but if the identity has registered at the registrar without authentication, intercom also works without authentication.
<on>, <off>
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