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Image:fw-version-8.gif: Function Keys - Free Function Keys(Section): Speed Dial
This key type behaves as a shortcut to a preset number the user may want to dial. In opposite to key type extension/destination this key type does not subscribe to Dialog State changes. It is designed to speed up dialing numbers often used or hard to remember. A DTMF sequence can be appended that is dialed once the call has been established. A Comma represents a pause of one second. Normally, the number is dialed immediately after the function key is pressed. In some circumstances, this behaviour is not desired. e.g. if you place a prefix on the function key. In this case, pass number=incomplete as an argument.
The following examples apply only to FW Versions equal or greater V8.2
Example 1: P5 is configured with key type “Speed Dial” and “number” is set to SIP URI;dtmf=47,12. Pressing P5 will dial Once the call has been established the phone sends the DTMF tones 47, rests for a second and finally sends the DTMF tones 12.
Example 2: P5 is configured with key type “Speed Dial” and “number” is set to 004930;number=incomplete. Pressing P5 will open the dial dialog which allows for editing 004930 before dialing.
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