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Web User Interface
Image:fw-version-6.gif: Function Keys - Free Function Keys(Section): Line
Image:fw-version-7.gif: Function Keys - Free Function Keys(Section): Line
Image:fw-version-8.gif: Function Keys - Free Function Keys(Section): Line
This key type can be used for:
SIP identity mapping
This allows the customer to use different SIP identities (accounts, registrations, lines) similar as having several PSTN phone lines. Local SIP identities (lines) can be assigned to programmable keys from the list as Context via key Type "Line".
Example: There are two SIP identities (accounts, registrations, lines) successfully registered on the phone (System Information Page):
501 (
502 (
System Information
Both are mapped as "context" to two distinct programmable keys P1 and P2 set to key type "line", the "number" field stays empty:
Function Key Page
Incoming calls to 501/502 will cause the LED on P1/P2 start blinking. Similarly, if the user presses P1/P2 in the idle state with the receiver on hook, 501/502 will become the active line for that call. It is also possible to assign different ring tones to each SIP line in order to make an acoustic differentiation.
Free Key
Line is also the default setting for the programmable keys. If no argument is set, the keys are treated as free. Outgoing and incoming calls not bound to any other key go to the first such key that is not already occupied.
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