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This setting describes which function keys are shown on-screen when the phone displays a locally held call.
  • This setting is available on all models with a screen except for 870 (720/710 as of FW v8.7.3.15, (360/370/MP as of FW v8.7.5).
  • The function keys are listed in order from left to right. Example: With the setting "F_REC F_HOLD", the Record function key is shown on the first position from the left, the Hold key on the second one. The Left and Right keys (F_LEFT/F_RIGHT) are an exception to this rule; Left is always put on the first and Right on the last position.
  • Some function keys are automatically hidden when they are of no use under current circumstances. Example: F_CONF_ON will not be shown when there are not enough parties available for a conference or when the maximum number of parties within the conference has been reached.
  • It is possible to restrict each function key to certain states (Calling, Conference, Connected, Holding, Ringing and Transfer) or to special conditions (have_incoming_call: there is an incoming ringing call), have_only_connected_calls: all the calls on the device are in connected state (i.e. in a single 1o1 call or a conference) or have_multiple_established_calls[since]: more than 1 call on the device is in connected or holding state). For example, if you want a function key to be available only during the transfer and holding states, add them to the function key settings in parentheses, e.g. "F_CONTACTPOOL(transfer,holding)".
  • It is also possible to negate a state by placing the operator "not" in front of it. For example, "F_CONF_ON(not:Transfer)" hides the function key Start conference when there is more than one party on hold and you have pressed the Transfer key. As of fw the not must be in front of each keyword/state that is to be negated. Before the not is only allowed up front of all keywords, negating the entire list.

Attention: Use spaces only to separate the function keys. Do not use them before or inside the brackets or parentheses.

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