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Snom D375/D765


  • A - audio
  • H - onhook/offhook control via headset
  • M - mute synchronisation beetween phone and headset
  • VI - visual incoming indiaction on headset
  • VIA - visual and audible incoming indication on headset
  • CL - dial from call list via headset
Top 5 headset overview
Vendor Product Typ Phone Firmware Connection Properties Notes
SennheiserSC230/260Wired8.9.3.60RJ cable CLS-01A
SennheiserSC630/660Wired8.9.3.60RJ cable CSTD-24A
SennheiserSC230 USB MLWired8.9.3.60USBA,H,M,CL,VI
SennheiserSC630 USB CTRLWired8.9.3.60USBA,H,M,CL,VI
SennheiserDW Pro1Wireless8.9.3.60USB via the own cableA,H,M,CL,VIA
SennheiserMB Pro1 UCBluetooth8.9.3.60USB Dongle/Internal BluetoothA,H,M,VIAInitiate outgoing call only via phone possible
JabraBIZ 2300Wired8.9.3.60USBA,H,M,CL,VIA
JabraBIZ 2400Wired8.9.3.60USBA,H,M,CL,VI
JabraGN 2100Wired8.9.3.60RJ cable GN88000106A
JabraBIZ 2300Wired8.9.3.60RJ cable GN88000106ADo not confuse with BIZ 2300 DUO
PlantronicsH141 DuosetWired8.9.3.60Plantronics RJA
JabraPro 9470 (94xx)Wireless8.9.3.60USBA,H,M,CL,VIAHeadset configuration: Softphone (PC) -> Other
JabraPro 925Wireless8.9.3.60Snom EHSA,H,CL,VIHeadset configuration: Deskphone -> DHSG
JabraPro 935Wireless8.9.3.60USBA,H,M,CL,VIAHeadset configuration: Remote call control: Auto
JabraMotion UCBluetooth8.9.3.60USB Dongle/Internal BluetoothA,H,M,CL,VIA
PlantronicsSupra PlusWired8.9.3.60Plantronics RJ cableA
PlantronicsEncore ProWired8.9.3.60Plantronics RJ cableA
PlantronicsBlackwire C325Wired8.9.3.60USBA,H,M,CL,VIReplaces the old C320
PlantronicsCS540Wireless8.9.3.60Snom EHSA,H,CL,VIABase button switches as (2 Speaker, 3 Mic, A position)
PlantronicsSavi W745Wireless8.9.3.60USB/EHSA,H,M,CL,VIASoftphone Mode
PlantronicsVoyager LegendBluetooth8.9.3.60USB Dongle/Internal BluetoothA,H,M,CL,VIA
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