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Snom 3x0 and 8xx series


  • A - audio
  • H - onhook/offhook control via headset
  • M - mute synchronisation beetween phone and headset
  • VI - visual incoming indiaction on headset
  • VIA - visual and audible incoming indication on headset
  • CL - dial from call list via headset
Top 5 headset overview
Vendor Product Typ Phone Firmware Connection Properties Notes
SennheiserDW Pro1Wireless8.7.5.35CEHS-SN01 for snom 320/370ANot supported on Snom300
SennheiserDW Pro1Wireless8.7.5.35CEHS-SN02 for snom 821/870A
JabraBIZ 2300Wired8.7.5.35GN1200/8800-01-06A
JabraBIZ 2400Wired8.7.5.35GN1200/8800-01-06A
JabraPro 9470Wireless8.7.5.35Snom EHSA,H,CL,VIAHeadset configuration: Deskphone -> Remote call control: DHSG
JabraPro 925Wireless8.7.5.35Snom EHSA,H,CL,VIAHeadset configuration: Deskphone -> Remote call control: DHSG
PlantronicsSupra PlusWired8.7.5.35Plantronics RJ cableA
PlantronicsEncore ProWired8.7.5.35Plantronics RJ cableA
PlantronicsH141 DuosetWired8.7.5.35Plantronics RJA
PlantronicsCS540Wireless8.7.5.35Snom EHSA,H,CL,VIA
PlantronicsSavi W745Wireless8.7.5.35Snom EHSA,H,CL,VIADeskphone mode
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