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The snom PA1 is equipped with 4 output pins.

The output pins can be used to control relays or other actors. Using relays you can for example switch lights or channels of an external amplifier.

As an example on how to use the output pins, we created a relay extension pcb.

This relay extension pcb will not be sold by snom as a product. Yet we provide a complete set of design data for the pcb. Using the provided data this pcb from a PCB manufacturing service.

Type: Extended Gerber 274-X
PCB: 2 Layer
Dimension: 85mm x 56mm
Content: Layout-, overlay-, silk-, drill data


Name Type Version Additional information Download
Relaysboard Extension Gerber V0.2 You can use the snom PA1 cable set
Relaysboard Extension Schematics V0.2 relayboard_schematics.pdf
Relaysboard Extension Bill of material V0.2 relayboard_bom.pdf
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