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snom Phone Add-In allows users to call their contacts from Microsoft Outlook® 2003 using their snom Phones. Contacts from Outlook® can also be exported to the address book of the snom Phone. Please note, that development of this Add-In has been discontinued which means current versions of Microsoft Windows® /Microsoft Outlook® are not supported nor a snom-firmwares past 7.3.


Getting Started

After successful installation of the snom Phone Add-In, the user is prompted for the IP Address and HTTP Port of his/her snom Phone when Outlook® is started up. (Please contact your system administrator on how to setup these values).

Once a valid IP Address and Port have been entered, the settings are stored in the registry and an extra menu “snom Phone” appears on the Outlook® menu bar.

Adding Contacts

snom Phone Add-In enables users to export their Contacts from Outlook® to the address books of their snom Phones. In order to export contacts from Outlook® to your snom Phone, first click on the “Show Contacts” button from the “snom Phone” menu to bring up the contacts folder. Select a contact by clicking on it (it will appear highlighted) and then click on the “Add Contact(s)” button from the “snom Phone” menu to export the contact. Multiple contacts can also be exported in a similar manner. In order to export multiple Contacts, hold the CTRL key and click on the contacts which need to be exported. With the contacts highlighted click on the “Add Contact(s)” button from the “snom Phone” menu to send the contacts to your snom Phone’s address book. You can also export all your Contacts by clicking on “Select All” option from the “Edit” menu, and then clicking on the “Add Contact(s)” button.

Note: A contact will only be added to the snom Phone’s address book if it has a “Telephone Number” set.

Making calls

snom Phone Add-In also allows users to call their contacts from the Outlook® address book. In order to call a contact, first select a contact from the contacts by clicking on it. Then click on the “Call Contact” button from the “snom Phone” menu.

Note: Please make sure that the contact you wish to call has a “Telephone Number” set.


The IP Address and HTTP Port settings of the snom Phone Add-In can be changed anytime by clicking on “Preferences” from the “snom Phone” menu. Outlook® doesn’t need to be restarted if these settings are changed at runtime.

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